What is not covered?

This policy does not cover loss, consequential loss or liability arising from any of the following

This policy does not cover loss, consequential loss or liability arising from any of the following:

Major Exclusions:

  • Any pre-existing medical condition, congenital or heredity condition, suicide, intentional self-inflected, pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, cosmetic surgery, dental care (unless due to accidents), mental or nervous disorder, AIDS or AIDS related complex.

  • War, civil war, insurrection, revolution.

  • Performing duties as a member of armed forces or other law enforcing agencies.

  • Participation in any extreme sports and sporting activities that presents a high level of inherent danger (i.e. involves a high level of expertise, exceptional physical exertion, highly specialized gear or stunts), unless such sports or sporting activities are usual tourist activities that are accessible to the general public without restriction (other than height or general health or fitness warnings) and which are provided by a recognized local tour operator, providing that an Insured Person is acting under the guidance and supervision of qualified guides and/ or instructors of the tour operators when carrying out such tourist activities. Any professional competitions or sports in which an Insured Person receives remuneration, sponsorship or any forms of financial rewards; Any stunt activity; Off-piste skiing, racing, other than on foot but this does not include long-distance running more than 10 kilometers, biathlons and triathlons, Private white water rafting grade 4 and above, Any kind of climbing , Mountaineering or Trekking or ordinarily necessitating the use of specialized equipment including but not limited to crampons, pickaxes, anchors, bolts, carabineers and lead-rope or top-rope anchoring equipment, Scuba diving unless an Insured Person holds a PADI certification (or similar recognized qualification) or when diving with a qualified instructor. The maximum depth that this Policy covers is as specified under the Insured Person’s PADI certification (or similar recognized qualification). However, in any situation, it should not be deeper than thirty (30) meters and he/she must not be diving alone.

  • Prohibition or regulation by any government or customs detention.

  • Illegal act by the insured person.

  • Actions of insured person while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent of legal impairment.

  • Any loss or expenses with respect to Cuba or a specially designated person, entity, group or company on the Specially Designated List or which if reimbursed or paid by the Company would result in the Company being in breach of trade or economic sanctions or other such similar laws or regulations.

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