Things to do in Langkawi

If you’re looking for a lush island paradise, Langkawi is for you. Think swaying palm trees, white powdery beaches and calm turquoise seas. Langkawi is that idyllic place, the place you dream about as you sit at your desk on a miserable Monday morning. So, what do you need to know about this glorious little spot?

All the Essentials

An archipelago of 104 islands, Langkawi is located just off the coast of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea. With its own airport, Langkawi can be reached by plane from international airports at Kuala Lumpur and Penang, or by boat from Malaysia (Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis and Penang) or Thailand (Satun and Koh Lipe island).

When visiting Langkawi, you can choose from a variety of accommodation options, which range from budget to blow-the-budget. And the last of the need-to-know info? Food! If you enjoy Malaysian food, you’ll love what’s on offer in Langkawi. Don’t miss the amazing laksa vans, the nightly markets, and the many wonderful restaurants Langkawi has to offer. And, not forgetting to get your travel insurance from Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited to enjoy a worry-free trip!

Time to Explore!

So, now you’re there, with a nice, full belly and a roof over your head. It’s time to explore! What are some of the best things to do in Langkawi?


As an archipelago, Langkawi is paradise for anyone who loves playing on the water, or exploring its depths. Time for some island hopping? There are plenty of scheduled boat tours that can take you to the various islands – or you could choose to take a jet skiing tour if you fancy something a bit different. If you want to bypass the crowds, hire a boat and set your own course by asking the captain where’s best to go.

Exploring the depths means strapping on a snorkel or scuba gear. There are heaps of place to dive around Langkawi, but a good place to start is Pulau Payar island, complete with its very own Marine Park. While diving there is great all year round, be sure to check out snorkelling and scuba diving at Pulau Payar between months of March and November to see it at its best.


On Langkawi, there is plenty to see on dry land as well. Revel in the picture-perfect backdrop at Tanjung Rhu Beach. Take a trip to the top of Gunung Raya – Langkawi’s highest mountain – to discover breathtaking panoramas. Chill out in the rock pools after hiking to see the Durian Perangin and Temurun waterfalls. Watch the sun set at Pantai Cenang. Whatever you decide to do on Langkawi, you will not be disappointed!


Looking for another view of Langkawi? Parasailing provides the perfect way to see the beautiful islands from the sky – or alternatively, check out the magnificent views from the SkyBridge, and then take the world’s steepest cable car ride to touch the clouds. From water sports to spa treatments, from cave exploring to mangrove tours, there is just so much to do on Langkawi, you’ll never want to leave.


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