Get Away this Weekend to Bintan

Tucked away within Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago in the South China Sea, Bintan is an idyllic isle that provides everything needed for a blissful and relaxing escape. With its mesmerisingly clear turquoise waters and pristine white sand, it’s easy to see why this spectacular island is a popular getaway, especially given its easy access from Singapore.

Where to stay

Most tourists to Bintan Island choose to stay on the north of the island, within Bintan Resorts. Providing luxury style accommodation, Bintan Resorts features an array of resort options, complete with glorious ocean views, white sandy beaches, private villas, and a whole host of restaurants and bars. While staying within Bintan Resorts, guests can also choose to take part in any number of activities, with everything from snorkeling to kayaking on offer.

What to do

Relax, relax, relax! For some people, going to Bintan means finding a quiet spot on the beach or do nothing more energetic than swimming in the sea and sipping on their cocktail. However, Bintan has plenty more to offer to those who want to explore. Activities on the island include golfing, fishing, mountain biking, go kart racing, jet skiing and diving to name a few.

Or how about something a little more extreme? Bintan has become a world class sports-tourism destination, attracting visitors from around the world to take part in its marathons, triathlons, extreme sports events and golf tours.

What about the rest of the island? There are still so much to see and do outside of Bintan Resorts.You could take a boat ride among the mangroves of the Sungei Sebung to spot fascinating wildlife and visit the capital city of the Riau Islands Province, Tanjung Pinang. Discover local heritage sites like the unique village on stilts, Senggarang, and the Buddhist temple, Vihara Avalokitesvara.

If you fancy a little bit of island hopping, then you should definitely check out the secluded tropical paradise of Nikoi Island, or explore ancient temples, palace ruins and tombs within the Senggarang and Penyengat Islands. After a long day of exploration, it’s time to relax! Visit a spa or enjoy a massage by the beach to ease those hardy explorer’s knots out.

Where to eat

Most of the hotels within Bintan Resorts feature a range of Indonesian and international restaurants, providing a variety of choices for visiting tourists. If you’re feeling more adventurous,why not explore what the rest of the island has to offer? Eat where the locals eat and experience the true taste of Bintan!

How to get there

This is the truly amazing part. As beautiful and spectacular as Bintan is, it’s still incredibly easy to get to. It’s just 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore, or a similarly short trip from Johor Bahru in Malaysia. While Bintan receives most of its guests by sea, guests can also choose to arrive by air,flying from Jakarta into Bintan’s Raja Haji Fisabililah Airport.

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