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Whether you're off on a short trip, a two weeks holiday or a backpacking adventure, you can choose the travel insurance cover that matches your trip. There is no need to pay for cover you simply do not need. Chubb will provide clear facts about the benefits and options so you can decide what insurance cover is right for you.

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Personal Accident and Burns Benefit

Cover for death or Permanent disability of the Insured Person as a result of an Accident during the Journey. Maximum of HK$1,200,000 if the Insured Person sustains Bodily Injury while travelling as a fare-paying passenger in a Public Conveyance or a carrier arranged by a travel agent.
(a) Accident whilst travelling on a Public Conveyance (18 up to and including 75 years of age)
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(b) Other Accident (18 up to 75 years of age)
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(c) Accident (under 18 years of age)
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Cash allowance will be paid if the Insured Person suffers from second or third degree burns as a result of an Accident.
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Medical Expenses

Reimburse the expenses for out-patient care, hospitalization and surgery arising from Sickness or Bodily Injury occurring during the Journey.
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Covers necessary follow up medical treatment incurred in Hong Kong SAR within 90 days upon the Insured Person’s return to Hong Kong SAR. This benefit is extended to cover the cost of treatment, bone-setting or acupuncture by a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
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(i) Maximum amount for Chinese Medicine Practitioner
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(ii) Daily maximum amount for Chinese Medicine Practitioner
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(iii) Maximum amount for Medical Equipment
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Covers if an Insured Person is the victim of a traumatic event and sustains Bodily Injury, Chubb will reimburse the expenses for trauma counselling incurred within 90 days from the occurrence of the traumatic event.
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Daily maximum amount for Trauma Counseling
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In the event of the overseas hospitalization of the Insured Person arising from Bodily Injury or Sickness.
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Maximum daily benefit
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Chubb ASSISTANCE - 24 Hour Worldwide Assistance Services

In the event of Bodily Injury or Sickness of the Insured Person requiring medical evacuation to another location for appropriate medical treatment on the advice of a Physician, cover for the evacuation arrangements and the related expenses.
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Upon the death of the Insured Person as a result of Bodily Injury or Sickness, cover for the arrangement of the return of the Insured Person’s remains to Hong Kong SAR including the related expenses.
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Reimburse the cost of one economy class round trip ticket and up to 5 nights’ hotel accommodation expenses for one of the Insured Person’s relatives or friends to visit the Insured Person suffering from Bodily Injury or Sickness overseas.
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In the event that the Insured Person is Confined as a result of Bodily Injury or Sickness during the Journey and is travelling with a child who is aged below 18 years, cover for arrangements to return the child back to Hong Kong SAR if the child would otherwise be left unattended.
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"Chubb Assistance" provides the following telephone enquiry services:
· Interpreter Referral Service
· Medical Advice Service
· Hospital Admission Service
· Loss of Luggage and Travel Documents Assistance
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Travel Inconvenience

Cover for the loss or damage of the Insured Person's property, as a result of theft, robbery, burglary or accident, excluding money, document, food or beverage, antiques, contracts, bonds, securities, animals, software, mobile telecommunications devices and accessories, means of transport and accessories, and jewellery that is not worn or carried by the Insured Person at the time of loss.
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Maximum amount for each item/set/pair
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Reimbursement of cash or travelers’ cheques lost as a result of theft or robbery.
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Reimburse the cost of replacing travel documents required for immigration clearance, travel tickets and additional transportation and accommodation expenses incurred for the sole purpose of arranging replacement of such travel documents or travel tickets.
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Reimburse irrecoverable tour fees, transportation or accommodation expenses in the event of the unavoidable cancellation of travel due to the following:
i. Death, Bodily Injury or Sickness of the Insured Person, Immediate Family Member, Travel Companion or Business Partner (within 90 days before departure);
ii. Compulsory quarantine or jury service of the Insured Person (within 90 days before departure); iii. Unexpected outbreak of Strike, Riot or civil commotion at the destination (within 7 days before departure);
iv. Serious damage to Insured Person’s primary residence from fire or flood and which requires the Insured Person’s presence in Hong Kong SAR (within 7 days before departure);
v. The unexpected issuance of a Black Alert for a destination scheduled in the Journey, at least one (1) day after the date this policy is purchased as specified in the Policy Schedule (Single Trip) / or after the Commencement Date (Annual Plan) and which is in force at any time within one (1) week of the date the Journey is scheduled to begin.
* Any unexpected Bodily Injury or Sickness of an Insured Person, Immediate Family Member, intended Travel Companion or Business Partner which does not lead to Confinement, resulting in cancellation of the Journey, The Company will reimburse 50% of the loss of travel and/or accommodation expenses paid in advance or forfeited by the Insured Person.
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Reimburse the actual cost of an unused ticket for a Special Occasion such as a musical concert, sporting event or theatre trip, paid in advance or forfeited if the Insured Person missed the Special Occasion and was unable to use the ticket for the Special Occasion due to:
i. The sudden and unexpected death of an Insured Person, an Immediate Family Member or Travel Companion.
ii. The Bodily Injury or Sickness of an Insured Person or Travel Companion.
iii. The Journey being delayed due to adverse weather, natural disaster, Strike involving the employees of the operator of a Public Conveyance, mechanical fault of a Public Conveyance or hijacking.
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Reimburse the unused and forfeited and additional travelling expenses incurred in order for the Insured Person to return directly to Hong Kong SAR in the event of:
i. Death, Bodily Injury or Sickness of the Insured Person, Immediate Family Member, Travel Companion or Business Partner.
ii. The unexpected occurrence of a Strike, Riot, civil commotion, epidemic, hijacking or earthquake or similar natural disaster at a scheduled destination which prevents the Insured Person from continuing his/her scheduled Journey.
iii. The unexpected issuance of a Black Alert for a scheduled destination during the insured Journey.
{{> show trip_curtailment.sum}}
In the event that a Journey is interrupted due to unexpected compulsory quarantine ordered by national, regional or government or relevant authority, at a destination scheduled in the Journey during the Period of Insurance, preventing the Insured Person from continuing his/her scheduled Journey, The Company will reimburse,
i. The Insured Person’s cost of the unused part of the Journey calculated on a pro rata basis according to the number of unused days of the Journey from the first date of the compulsory quarantine of the Insured Person ; and
ii. Loss of travel and/or accommodation expenses paid in advance or forfeited by the Insured Person after the commencement of a Journey.
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If the Public Conveyance on which the Insured Person is travelling is delayed due to adverse weather, natural disaster, Strike by the employees of the Public Conveyance, mechanical fault or hijacking, Chubb will pay up to HK$3,000 for either:
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(a) Cash benefit for each 6 hrs. period of delay or
{{> show travel_delay.cash_benefit}}
(b) Forfeited travel expenses (trip eventually cancelled after 24 hrs. period of delay) or
{{> show travel_delay.travel_expenses}}
(c) Forfeited hotel accommodation expenses (after 12 hrs. period of delay) or
{{> show travel_delay.hotel_expenses}}
(d) Additional hotel accommodation and/or Public Conveyance expense overseas (after 6 hrs. period of delay)
{{> show travel_delay.additional_accom}}
Cover the cost of purchasing essential toiletries and clothing if baggage is delayed for at least 6 hours after the Insured Person’s arrival at the destination abroad.
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Other Benefits

In the event that the Insured Person becomes legally liable to pay compensation for an incident which causes Bodily Injury to another person or destruction of the property of others, Chubb will pay that compensation on behalf of the Insured Person.
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Cover the loss of Household Contents from the Insured Person’s Principal Home as a result of burglary during the Journey.
{{> show home_protection.sum}}
- Maximum amount for each item/set/pair
{{> show home_protection.max}}
Reimburse for any excess or deductible stated in the comprehensive motor insurance which an Insured Person becomes legally liable to pay in respect of loss or damage to the Rental Vehicle caused by an accident whilst the Rental Vehicle is under the control of the Insured Person during the rental period on the Journey.
{{> show vehicle_excess.sum}}
Cover in the event the Insured Person sustains Bodily Injury and, as direct and unavoidable result, suffers Accidental death within 12 consecutive months of that Bodily Injury, Chubb will pay for any outstanding balance of credit card(s) of Insured Person for goods purchased by the deceased Insured Person during the Period of Insurance
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If an Insured Person achieves a “Hole-in-One” at any recognized golf course overseas, cash benefit will be paid
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Important Notes

  • No premium refund will be allowed once the policy has been issued. (Only applicable for TravelEase Single Travel Insurance)
  • Insurance period : Maximum 180 consecutive days per Journey for TravelEase Single Travel Insurance. Maximum 90 consecutive days per each Return Journey and 30 days per each One Way Journey for TravelEase Annual Travel Insurance.
  • This policy is only valid for leisure travel or business travel (limited to administrative, clerical and non-manual works only) and shall not apply to persons undertaking expeditions, treks or similar journeys.
  • Cover will automatically be extended up to a maximum of 10 calendar days in the event the duration of the Journey is exceeded for any reason outside the Insured Person’s control.
  • If the Insured Person is covered by more than one TravelEase Insurance policy underwritten by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited for the same Journey, only the travel insurance policy with the greatest compensation will apply and benefits hereunder be payable.
  • The enrollment age limit of the Insured Person refers to his/her age on the date of departure on the Journey (TravelEase Single Travel Insurance) or Commencement Date of the policy (TravelEase Annual Travel Insurance).
  • This insurance covers Journey departures from Hong Kong SAR only.
  • This summary is for reference only. For coverage details, please refer to the terms and conditions of the policy. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.